Titan Quest: The future


Hello everyone!
Here is an update on what is in the works for Titan Quest. None of these are set in stone and are subject to change as required by development and your feedback.

Gamepad support
We now have gamepad support in our development version of the game. This first version is focused on when you play sitting by your monitor. It keeps most of the same user interface as when playing with mouse and keyboard to make it easy to switch between them. As a next step, we will look into integrating the console UI and HUD code. We are still early but just wanted to give an update that its finally getting some traction

We have merged the Legacy and Enhanced edition into a single executable file. This will make it possible to have a single Titan Quest icon on the desktop. When you start the game you will get a launcher window that lets you select what version to play and also display some useful links.

We are working on improving the mod support in Titan Quest. This includes better documentation on how to create mods, updating the mod tools and getting the game to handle more than one mod at a time. One requested feature that will be released soon is the ability for mods to add new languages to replace all the text in the game.

Besides the things above we are also working on improving the performance and fixing bugs reported to us in Redmine. To chat with us, go ahead and join the Titan Quest discord https://discord.gg/RX8KakD, where you’ll find some of the developers. We might be a bit unresponsive at times as we are working on the game. For bugs, the best way is to report any issues to Redmine https://redmine.thqnordic.com/projects/titan-quest-atlantis-community

Due to the fact we are covering so many different subjects with this blog post, we are gonna have another one coming up soon that will cover the progress we are working on with the console version of Titan Quest!

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