Titan Quest – September 2019 Progress Update


Here is an update on what is going on in the world of Titan Quest.


The work of integrating Atlantis and Ragnarök into the console version is well under way. Currently we have moved from the integration phase into a fix and optimize phase.

There are some performance related challenges. Atlantis contains some of the most demanding areas in the game and we strive to provide a smooth user experience on all platforms. Especially the Switch will require some work to ensure that.


We are also working on gamepad support for the PC version which was one of the most requested features for years. We have decided to implement most of the UI from the console version and switch between that and the normal UI when input is detected on either mouse/keyboard or gamepad. This is definitely the hard mode of this task but we are doing that because we believe it will provide the best user experience for the growing number of gamepad users on PC. It will require some serious adaptations in the background but in the end we think it will be an awesome experience. We are currently in the middle of integrating this and will provide further updates moving forward.

We are also going to include the Titan Quest OST in MP3 format when patch 2.9 goes live as this is something we have seen our community request quite a few times. This patch will soon hit the beta and then move onto the live version as soon as we are sure that there are no bugs.

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