Titan Quest – October 2019 Progress Update


Greetings and welcome to another chapter of the Titan Quest development blog!


We are working hard to take the expansions to the consoles. As we explained in last month’s blog post there are some performance challenges. The Atlantis expansion was created with a modern PC as target platform. We implemented a new deferred DX11 renderer to take advantage of new technology and support environments that were richer and more detailed than in earlier parts of the game. When we brought this content to the console version some platforms (Switch in particular) had issues keeping up. This was not unexpected but all the same troubling. On our quest to chase down milliseconds we are looking at many different options including but not limited to rendering, shadows, reflections and content scaling. We are working hard to make sure the players will get the best possible experience.


For the PC version the Gamepad UI is getting closer to a testable product. As we wrote in the previous blog it is a big chunk of work that is going into this. We have heard that the interest from the community is very high and that is inspiring to hear. We are listening and will do our best to deliver the feature you deserve!

There will be a 2.9 patch released very soon. It is currently in beta and will contain some updates to matchmaking and multiplayer. We are just finalizing the multiplayer backend changes. For players this makes little difference but should result in a smoother overall experience when playing multiplayer.

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