Titan Quest November Update


Time for a new update on what’s going on in the world of Titan Quest!


The integration of Atlantis and Ragnarök into the console version is continuing. We are currently in a quality assurance and optimization phase, making sure that we iron out issues before release. We have made improvements and fixes to all parts of the game including the base game so there will be a patch for the game even if you don’t get the expansions.

As discussed in earlier posts, we are working hard to optimize the Atlantis content for the console version since this is the most demanding part of the game. We are making good progress and are pushing hard to deliver a smooth experience.


The implementation of gamepad support in the PC version is now in a state where we will start testing it externally very soon. It is still a bit early to say when this will be rolled out as we are expecting some areas where we need to go in and tune things but we are definitely getting closer. We will leave you with a screenshot of the gamepad player HUD. This has been done with the PC version:

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