Titan Quest February Update


Hello Questers! It has been a while since you last heard from us, sorry about that. We have been hard at work hence the lack of updates.


The console version is going through the quality assurance process. We have detected some stability issues in the game which we want to get to the bottom of before release. It has taken longer than expected since some of the issues are a bit complex and time consuming to debug. Some are bug fixes for the base game, which will benefit everyone even if you are not going to get the DLCs. We have chosen to do this because we want to make sure we get the game into the condition that it deserves.

When we are done with this step we will submit the patch and the DLCs for platform certification, which is the final step before we can release them. We are working hard to get them into your hands and it is not far away now.


Now onto something that should make you gamepad lovers happy! The gamepad support implementation has passed internal QA, and we are glad to announce that the next step is to get your feedback on how it works. We will do this in the form of a public beta that will start shortly. Check back here or on our discord (discord.gg/titanquest) if you are interested in participating!

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