Titan Quest – August 2019 Progress Update


Greetings Titan Slayers!!

Summer is over and the office is once again filled with recharged and rested developers! Here is a small update on what’s going on.


The focus from here on out will be on integrating the Ragnarök and Atlantis expansions into the PS4, Xbox and Switch versions. We will also merge bug fixes and performance enhancements we have made previously in the PC version into the console versions. Once all expansions are up and running, we’ll look into further optimizations and fixes.

We will provide more updates on our progress as this work gets further underway.


We have made an update to some of the online systems. For the players this will mostly consists of a refresh button in the server browser, but under the hood it comes with tweaks and fixes that should provide for a smoother playing experience. This is currently being tested and will be released in an upcoming patch.

As mentioned earlier we are integrating gamepad support in the PC version. We are continuing this and are currently evaluating where to go with it.

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