The future of Titan Quest on consoles


Here is an update on what we are doing on the console version of Titan Quest.

Playing on Console

To get the team started on development, they spent a day playing the game on console. Everyone played on Switch except one of the developers that went for the Playstation 4 version. The most popular Mastery was Storm followed by Warfare and then Spirit, Rogue, and Earth. We played single-player only this time and none was fast enough to get to Act Two in one day. It was a good lesson, and it gave us an idea of how the game works on console compared to the PC version that we have more experience with. 

The Plan

Our goal for Titan Quest on the console is to fix bugs, increase the performance and release both DLCs Ragnarök and Atlantis. The early focus will be on the quality and the stability of the game. Numerous stability changes have been done on Titan Quest for PC and will be now be moved over to the console version. After that, we will play split-screen and multiplayer to get a multiplayer experience as stable as possible. 

You can help us by using our Redmine for Titan Quest Console to report bugs and feedback. We will keep an eye on the larger player communities for feedback and bugs but Redmine is the best way to make sure we do not miss anything. Check it out here:

Extra little notice

We expect to launch a patch for PC during this week, tho no full estimate yet.

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